10/17 is a LEGAL comedy show
10 of Toronto’s best improvisers
17 high-deas from the audience
10/17… October 17th, 11 PM

10/17 features 10 of Toronto’s BEST improvisers celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana by smokin’ and tryin’ their best to bring 17 of the audiences ideas to life in an hour!

So come pack the Bad Dog Theatre and celebrate the new high holiday with a laugh or two.

Doors: 11 PM
Tickets: $5.00

Featuring: Tom Hearn, Andrea Marston, Coko Galore, Emily Richardson, Daphney Joseph, Nina Adler, Conor Bradbury, Shane McLean, Tim Blair and Callum Wratten!

* While it is encouraged to partake before seeing this show, there is no smoking in the venue.