Candace Meeks


Candace Meeks began acting at the age of 6 when her first grade teacher asked her to be in her school’s annual Easter play because she was “vivacious”. How a 6 year-old could be vivacious, she’ll never know, but it did lead her to attend Sheridan College for Theatre and Humber College for Acting for Film and TV.

Candace has studied improv comedy throughout Toronto, as well as the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. She has participated in the Toronto Improv Festival, Big City Improv Festival, Toronto’s Harold Fest, SheDot Festival, NYC’s Del Close Marathon, Detroit Improv Festival, and the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival.

Candace produces Bad Dog Theatre’s Academy Tuesdays. She is also a producer with Mediajunkie Studios, the creators of (My) Immortal: The Webseries, in which she plays twin sisters Violet & Lizzie. You can also see her in their second series, No Boys Dorm, in which she plays the princess, Moe. Candace has a passion for helping other women create web content and has worked on a number of projects including Harpreet Sehmbi’s “INDIE-pendent” and Cassie Cao’s “Losertown”.

Candace performs regularly with Daisy Productions. She has been an active player, writer and director in “The Waiting Room”, “Dial L for Latchkey”, “Binge Watching You Sleep”, “The Daisy Show”, and “One Three Hill”. If you happen to be in Orlando, FL this coming May you can check out the Daisy players in their sketch comedy revue “LOL LOL Land”.

Candace can be seen performing monthly with her troupes, “What If?”, “Kinsey Fail” and “America’s Next Top (Blank)”. She’s also an active member of the all-female Harold team Wheels, the musical troupe “Twice Upon A Time” and her duo “The Meeks Shall Inherit the Stern” with Karen Stern. Be sure to catch her new improvised serial show, Quadruple Mountain starting March 2nd at SoCap with the Dead Detectives.

Erica Gellert


Erica Gellert is a Toronto-based writer and comedian who has been performing on various stages throughout Canada for four years as a stand-up, sketch performer, and improviser.

After graduating from Humber’s Performance and Writing in Comedy program in 2015, she signed up for two more years of education at the Toronto Film School Writing program, which she will graduate from in the spring of 2017.

She currently co-produces two monthly shows with Tom Hearn, The Sketchy Show (Comedy Bar) and The F%ck It Bucket (The Social Capital Theatre). Her sketch comedy duo, Tom & Erica have been working together for one year and have performed for the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and were featured twice in this years’ Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.

Tom Hearn

Artistic Producer

Tom Hearn has been producing comedy in Toronto for the past two years. His credits include: Tonight, Tonight, Tom & Erica, Sketchy Show, F%UK IT BUCKET, The Pageant, Hook Up, Think Tank, Kinsey Fail, the upcoming COMBUSTIONfestival and Uncle Wish at Toronto Fringe.

As a performer, Tom plays with America’s Next Top Blank, Twice Upon a Time, Kinsey Fail, Tom & Erica, The Mustang Sallies, Mixed Tape, and anywhere else he can get on stage. He is currently a student in the Second City Conservatory.

He is so excited to bring Toronto’s favourite comics to Toronto’s favourite B.Y.O.P. venue, the Underground. Tom is also SOOOO thankful for his DANK-ASS production team: Erica Gellert, Candace Meeks and Spencer Crone.